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XR Traversal Experience(XR穿越體驗特展)

XR Traversal Experience(XR穿越體驗特展)

  • Exhibition date: 2022-09-07~2023-09-06
  • Exhibition place:2F


The exhibition includes three themes: XR Evolution Explanation, AR Interactive Experience and VR360 Degree Crossing Experience. XR Evolution Explanation: Explaining the past, present and future of XR technology through pictures and text.AR Interactive Experience: The audience can see different virtual objects by moving a special magnifying glass in the same location. VR360 is the first platform VR experience in Taiwan .One machine is a large amusement park. Each with a variety of experience items for the rider to choose from. It can rotate 360 degrees. This exciting and educational play experience is educational and safe, and parents are relieved that their children are having fun. In addition, new play programs are being added to the console, and fun contents continue to be added, so it is worth visiting again.
Exhibition Date: 7 September 111 to 6 September 112

XR Crossing Experience :
For safety reasons, only those who meet the following rules are allowed to experience
1. Height above 110cm (120cm) and below 200cm
2. Weight above 20kg and below 100kg
3. Under 12 years of age must be accompanied by their parents.
4. No heart disease, hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage, asthma, congenital epilepsy, pregnant women, osteoporosis, habitual dislocation, dizziness, intoxication or obvious unconsciousness are required.


General ticket: $200
Discount price: $300 (available to different people)
All tickets are eligible for $150 (Repurchase on the spot only).

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XR Traversal Experience(XR穿越體驗特展)
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